25 years of “Paul’s Boutique”: celebrated with a new book and a movie

It’s only 5 more days to the 25th anniversary of Paul’s Boutique, the legendary 2nd album of the Beastie Boys. When the record turned 20 years, the Beastie Boys released a remastered version and a special collector’s edition. This year, a movie and a book about Paul’s Boutique are going to be published.

Paul’s Boutique - A Visual Companion

Some guys from Italy came up with a very great idea: some kind of movie (or music video at movie length) that you can see while listening to Paul’s Boutique. If I remember right, MCA planned to do a video for every single song of Paul’s Boutique but did not reach this goal 25 years ago. So, he might have been liked this idea of a visual companion.

The movie probably will show a mix from official Beastie Boys stuff from that area, mixed with strange other moving images from that time and I expect also some stuff that was inspiring the Beastie Boys over 25 years ago, visual stuff that fits the samples and so on. The makers got two great poster arts by comic artists Jim Mahfood (creator of the Ask For Janice comic) and Derek Langille (who made the Sabotage vintage comic) and have a move trailer online.

The movie is planned to be released online on July 25th, straight after midnight (CET), at the movie website.

For Whom the Cowbell Tolls: 25 Years of Paul’s Boutique

Beside the movie, a new book about Paul’s Boutique will be see the light on July 25th. The press release fot the book “For Whom the Cowbell Tolls: 25 Years of Paul’s Boutique” promises “exclusive information on the long-lost outtakes of Paul’s Boutique, Capitol Records’ misadventures with the Beasties, rare photos and much more.”

The book is written by Dan LeRoy and Peter Relic. Dan already wrote a book about Paul’s Boutique some years ago for the 33⅓ book series but Peter found out a bunch of other Paul’s Boutique-related facts, that they both teamed up to write another book about the record. You can find some more background information at No Echo.

"For Whom the Cowbell Tolls: 25 Years of Paul’s Boutique", by Dan LeRoy and Peter Relic, will be released on July 25 on 66 2/3 Press. It is available as Kindle ebook and paperback via Amazon.com exclusively.

We keep you updated when you can order the book, and how to buy the book in other countries than the US.

Creator Paolo Gilli has created a visual aid to play while listening to the original album, and will show music video clips as well as footage alluding to the ridiculously massive amount of cultural references strewn throughout all of PB’s lyrics.

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The new anthology, ‘For Whom the Cowbell Tolls: 25 Years of Paul’s Boutique,’ was written by esteemed author Dan LeRoy and journalist-researcher Peter Relic. […] Among the discoveries in the book are stories about unearthed outtakes from ’Paul’s Boutique’ recording sessions, including the album’s unheard lost single. […] In addition, new interviews with those involved in the making of ‘Paul’s Boutique’ are featured, including an inside look at a one-of-a-kind notebook from the sessions.

(available July 25 exclusively via Amazon.com)

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"The cool thing with working with Adam during that whole time is we all really appreciated it very much because that remained the same. In this situation, where obviously you really can’t control things - y’know, where you’ve got cancer cells that are just kind of literally doing what they’re gonna do, and you can have doctors do this experiment and that experiment to try and swing things in a certain way … you know, you don’t have that control. But we … could have those times together and that was kinda like the unspoken thing, y’know, and we all kind of appreciated it. And for Adam, too, it was kind of crucial. We were family that way."

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Very few episodes of Steve Buscemi’s AOL talk show Park Bench actually take place on a bench. Or in a park. But the actor-host still gets his guests to talk as candidly as if they were simply hanging outside with a friend. The final seven episodes unveil simultaneously on Thursday, July 10. Among the guests:Method Man, the Beastie Boys, Jessica Williams, Julian Schnabel, and Buscemi’s Boardwalk Empireco-stars Michael Kenneth Williams and Bobby Cannavale.

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