Hip Hop veteran, DJ Hurricane (Beastie Boys), made an appearance on the show, Tues., April 1, in support of protege Jawz. The accomplished turtablist spoke on his relationship with Jam Master Jay, introducing Jawz to The Dungeon Family, up and coming artist, J-Byrd, and more.

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1985: Adam Horovitz appearances in “The Equalizer” Mama’s Boy

In this episode of The Equalizer, Adam Horovitz plays the role of a teenage boy named Ronald who has begun hanging around with less than ideal role model who has him selling cocaine to classmates. His mother, a divorcee, after seeing an advertisement in the newspaper contacts The Equalizer and asks him to look into her son’s situation.

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With a final vote of the full board for Manhattan Community Board 3 voted against the Beastie Boys Square street sign at Ludlow St & Rivington St. The voting mostly went along generational, cultural, cyronism, and other divisional lines.

As a result, CB3 guidelines dictate that McCarthy cannot reapply for the same measure for the next five years. So, now it seems he’s going straight to City Council to make some waves, and push the agenda forward.

However, Beastie Boys Square has many supporters in the Lower East Side, NYC, and elsewhere, plus within City Government. Furthermore, a meeting with officials has already been scheduled for next week on behalf of Beastie Boys Square.

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